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BitTorrent is known as a peer-to-peer larger file-sharing service around worldwide. But a small proportion of user would know it is a one most popular cryptocurrency in the market. It is one of the best crypto performing altcoins, gaining over 2,500% in the past 12 months. …

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I am searching for a list of top-performing cryptocurrencies in which my investment would be profitable. In cryptocurrency investment.

The journey was quite interesting after reading lots of articles and analysing the cryptocurrency market. There are top five cryptocurrencies come up. This year 2021 is an amazing year for cryptocurrency…

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I was scrolling pages on the internet there are too many articles are published on the internet about decentralized apps. But the thought come to my mind. The decentralized application will be the future apps.

Then I was wants to know more about decentralized apps. How it works. What is…

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Ethereum is soo much popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. But Ethereum has the potential would be become more than that in Future.

Ethereum was created by a teenage Russian teen programmer Vitalik Buterin. It is decentralized open-source and works on a smart contract functionality. …

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Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in this world. Its market capitalization covers a more than 50% market area. But this question has come to mind we can do the investment on this which is already its price at the top position. This could be a financial loss.


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This is quite an interesting thing about cryptocurrency. When famous celebrities support any cryptocurrency than its prices boom.

These types of things already many times happen. With Bitcoin, Dogecoin and right now Shiba Inu. Yeah, actually this is right to do investment in this type of market. The prices are…

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In last week I meet my closet investor friend Avinash. He was doing investing in cryptocurrencies last five years. This is quite interesting for me. To know his opinions and his experiences investing in cryptocurrencies.

Yeah, it's right investing in cryptocurrencies has lots of risks. But if we look at…

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Cryptocurrencies are the most volatile market in nature the prices of digital currencies changing very fast and every day. That is risky for the beginner investor.

They invest a precious amount of money in this cryptocurrency. To make a profit in a short duration of time. …

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In last week I meet my friend Ajay. He is a cryptocurrency investor and financial adviser. There are many things. We all have to know before investing in cryptocurrency. We already know about it. This is our human nature When we listen to word investment from other people. …

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Ethereum is a unique cryptocurrency which is contributing to this platform last Six years. It is much more advance than Bitcoin can it has the potential to gain performance like Bitcoin in the coming years.

I am right this type of question striking on everyone mind. …

Ashish Nishad

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